What is Yumi?

Do you remember the smell of your grandmother’s warm potage Parmentier soup? Yumi is here to bring back that feeling. Delivered to your doorstep. Yumi makes you feel at home. With only a click of a button. You can access a huge range of cuisines {French, Italian, Spanish….,} with the Yumi app we deliver the world to your doorstep.

Yumi is our easy-to-use app for delicious yummy home-cooked food. We are specialized in various cuisines. Customers can get breakfast, lunch and dinner, Any time of the day with the Yumi app

We deliver locally, enabling our chefs to create a word-of-mouth reputation for their food for their local community.

Pay it forward with Yumi

Yumi pays it forward to the lovely community by creating job opportunities after the major impact of Covid-19, we are also donating £ 0.03 of every order to those impacted by the global lockdown.

Help us spread the love with Yumi.