Your third brain


Over 130 languages translated instantly
+Smart Assist

The world is getting closer.
Because it’s getting smarter.

Millions of conversations happen across the globe every day.
iQ products enable you to converse effortlessly using innovative translation technology.
Breaking down language barriers whether you’re traveling,
learning or doing business.

Smart technology in an even smarter package

IQ Buds Pro and IQ Arcs Pro come fully loaded with integrated real time speech translation in over 130 languages and your preferred smart assistant (google or siri). They also feature the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, multiple crystal-clear microphones, HD audio and Active Noise Cancelling offering you more freedom and bringing incredible clarity to your conversations and music.

Smart Translation Technology

Getting lost for words is now a thing of the past. Whether you’re talking trade or exploring the world our innovative mobile app gives you instant translation in over 130 languages and enables live phone chat translations for remote conversations.

Ipedia Earbuds Pro

IQ Buds

Stylish, comfortable and above all brilliantly effective, iQ Buds ensure you’re always part of the conversation – whoever you’re talking to, wherever you are in the world. And with their powerful, extended battery life and latest connectivity tech, you can stay connected longer than ever.

Ipedia Earbuds

IQ Arcs

Listen, there’s more to IQ Arcs than just hearing. Their integrated pro microphones capture and deliver the highest quality audio to ensure every interaction is a two-way event. Better still, our Arcs are tough as well as techie. Created using the latest durable materials, IQ Arcs are capable of resisting elements such as dust and rain for an enhanced and extended lifespan.